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Help: Content Finder

The Content Finder is a flexible tool which can be used to find articles or groups of articles in a number of quick and easy ways. More sophisticated ways of locating articles are available using the Search page accessible from the main navigation bar.

Notes on usage

JOURNAL field (drop down list)

AUTHOR field

VOL/YEAR field



Using the Content Finder: examples

Journal: Nanotechnology
Vol/Year: 1999
This returns a list of all Nanotechnology issues published in 1999

Journal: Inverse Problems
Author: Boumenir
This returns a list of all articles publshed in Inverse Problems whose authors include the name Boumenir

Journal: Nonlinearity
Vol/Year: 10
Issue: 4
This returns a table of contents for issue 4 of volume 10 of Nonlinearity

Journal: Physics Education
Vol/Year: 2000
Page/Article number: 1
This returns the article by Ken Dobson published on page 1 of the 2000 volume of Physics Education

Journal: New Journal of Physics
Vol/Year: 3
Page/Article number: 6
This returns the 6th article (Heesemann et al) published in New Journal of Physics in 2001 (volume 3)

Journal: Physics in Medicine and Biology
Author: Ahnesj?
This returns both Ahnesjö and Ahnesjo as authors in Physics in Medicine and Biology

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