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Help: About Electronic Journals Help

These pages are designed to provide context-sensitive help and information about all parts of the Electronic Journals service.

On every page within the service, you will see a link labelled Help in the row of Navigation links that appear at the top and bottom of the page. Pressing this button will take you to the help page that relates to the current page.

Once you have entered the help system, you can find information about other pages and functions by following the hyperlinks within the help text or by visiting the pages listed under the heading See also at the end of the text.

For a complete list of all available help topics, click the Help index link.

For information about the service as a whole, or about registering for Electronic Journals, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of help.

To leave the help system, press the Exit Help link. You will be returned to the page from which you originally requested help.

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