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Help: Abstract

The abstract gives you an overview of the article contents, plus any personal notes you may have made about the article and saved in your filing cabinet.

All abstracts are available for free. You will be offered access to the full text, references and multimedia only if you subscribe to the journal or if the article is available for free. Not all options are available for all articles.

If you would like to know more about getting full access to the Electronic Journals service, or are interested in subscribing to some of our journals, please see our information pages on How to get Full Access.

Linking of author names

Every author name displayed on an abstract page is now linked. Following any of these author links will start a new search based on that author's name. For example, following the 'T Matos' link will search on 'T Matos' as an author, and give search results for all of the papers that T Matos has published within IOP EJs.

Full text options

The full text of articles, including inline figures, is available in a number of formats for you to view onscreen or download:

  1. PDF: The full text article in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
  2. PostScript: PostScript is available for articles published from 1996-2002 (PostScript is available for Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP) articles from 1997 onwards).
  3. Full text html: Many letters and some articles are available to view as full text HTML files.

To download an article, click on the link of the format you require.

HyperCite® Options

IOP Publishing's HyperCite® technology enables you to follow links to references cited in an article, or papers that have cited the article you are looking at. When you are viewing an IOP abstract that has been reached via another article's reference or citing articles list, additional navigation links are displayed at the top of the page.

The bibliographic details of the article whose references or citing articles you are browsing are also displayed.

References - including HyperCite® links
This button links to a page containing the references of the current article with HyperCite® links to abstracts and, where available, full text from IOP and many other publishers.
Articles Citing this Article - including HyperCite® links
This button links to a page displaying a list of articles that cite the current article. Again, HyperCite® links to the corresponding abstracts and full text are provided.


Some articles also include multimedia content, such as movies, graphs and animations, which complement the full text. When this is available, an additional link, Multimedia will be displayed.

Selecting this option will take you to the Multimedia page which will contain links to the various multimedia content that is available for the article.

Download Abstract

You can save or view the abstract to your local computer using the "Download Abstract" link.
Select your preferred output format from the drop down menu and press the "Download Abstract" button.

Please note your computer will either "View" or "Save" the Output Formats depending on how your browser is set up.
Further information about Output Formats is available.

Filing Cabinet options

When you are logged in, you will also have some options for your personal Filing Cabinet available. If the current article is not in your list of filed articles, you will see the link Add this Article to Filing Cabinet
Selecting this option will insert the current article as a new entry in your Filing Cabinet, and display an intermediate page allowing you to add personal annotations to the entry.

If the current article is already in your Filing Cabinet, you will be presented with two alternative options:

Amend personal notes for this article allows you to edit your notes.
Delete this article from Filing Cabinet allows you to delete the article from your Filing Cabinet (a confirmation screen will appear asking if you wish to delete the article from your Filing Cabinet and displaying any associated notes).

Personal Notes

This section will only appear below the abstract if you have added the current article to your Filing Cabinet. Any comments or notes that you have entered about the article are displayed. These notes can be amended or updated by selecting the Amend personal notes for this article button.

Search highlighted text

Useful for finding related articles, this feature allows you to highlight any text on the page and then search IOP articles for that term. To do this, simply highlight the word on screen with the cursor then select "Search highlighted text".

Open URL links

If you are at an organization that has activated SFX or a similar OpenURL link resolver at the IOP Electronic Journals service, links will appear on our Abstract, References and 'Articles citing this article' pages.

The OpenURL standard is being widely adopted by libraries to permit context-sensitive linking and resolve the "appropriate copy" problem. IOP supports OpenURL and is pleased to work with consortia and academic sites, as well as organizations such as Ex Libris and Serials Solutions, in the implementation of various OpenURL initiatives.

To activate SFX or a similar OpenURL link resolver at the IOP Electronic Journals service, please contact

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