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Help: Access to Electronic Journals

Getting Access to IOP Publishing's Electronic Journals

Q. How do I know if my institution is registered for access to IOP Publishing's Electronic Journals?
A. The name of your institution will appear in the top right of the EJ home page. A Site Key and Site Contact for your institution will also be displayed when you access the service from a registered institution. If you are unsure whether your institution has registered for access to Electronic Journals, please contact your librarian.
If you do not subscribe to the Journals you require your librarian can contact Customer Services at for an information pack. Pricing and further subscription information is available.
Q. How do I register as an individual of an Institute?
A. If you are an individual whose library receives an IOP Publishing journal, ask your librarian to contact us for a Registration Form (if they haven't already received one).
If your library already subscribes to one or more of Institute of Physics Publishing's journals, your librarian will need to complete a simple registration form and return it to us. The Registration Form is available online; alternatively, your librarian can contact Customer Services at If your library has no existing subscriptions your librarian can e-mail us at We'll be happy to send out product samples, catalogues, or any other information. Full details of IOP Publishing titles, prices and subscription information are available on this Web site.
Q. Why can't I access the full text?
A. Possible reasons are:
  • Your institution may not be subscribed, or does subscribe but is not registered to access the journal you want. Ask your librarian which IOP Publishing journals you are registered to receive online.
  • Another reason you may not be able to access full text is that you are working from a site other than your subscribing institution and therefore can only access the abstracts for those journals to which your institution subscribes plus your user options.

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