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Help: Full text HTML pages

Some articles within the Electronic Journals service are available in full text HTML format for you to view on screen. These include:

  • All NJP articles which are freely available to all.
  • All letters and rapid communications from 1996 to date.
  • The full text of articles in Semiconductor Science and Technology from June 1999 on a trial basis.

We hope this will enable you to find relevant information quickly and easily. Full-text HTML is accessible from the issue Table of Contents or from the abstract page of the article.

Each section of an article is displayed separately in the lower frame of the HTML page, with navigation links in the upper frame so they remain usable as the text is scrolled. (Articles with no sections other than References consist of just a single page.) Links to the next and previous sections can be found at the top of the page. For long sections, these links are repeated at the bottom of the page. As each section is a separate HTML file, we recommend using the PDF or PostScript versions (accessible from the menu bar) for printing out the complete article.

The title page, which forms the first section, lists the article's bibliographic data, its title, authors, abstract and also contains an abbreviated contents list (sections only). The second section is a separate Contents page which allows you to move directly to the other sections (or subsections) and is accessible from the menu bar. The other sections contain the body of the article, acknowledgments and references.

The top line of links are the standard Electronic Journals navigation links. The links immediately underneath can be used for functions relating to the particular article being viewed. 'Top of Article' takes you back to the title page, while 'Article Contents' goes directly to the linked Contents page. 'Acrobat PDF' and 'gzipped PostScript' allow you to view or download the full text of the article in PDF and ps formats (recommended for printing the article). The Filing Cabinet options are only available to users who have logged in; they allow you to keep an online record of useful material.

Within the article, links to any subsections are given at the top of the parent section. Figures and tables are linked within the text and, in many instances, hyperlinks are provided directly to the reference section.

You can search for terms that appear in the full text of the article by using the 'find in page' facility on your browser. However, it is not yet possible to search for terms in the full text across more than one page of an article. Searching for terms within the title or abstract can be carried out using the 'Search' link on the menu bar.

Because of the limitations of HTML there may be minor inconsistencies between the HTML version and the PDF, PostScript and print versions; these versions rather than the HTML should be regarded as the definitive versions of the article.

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