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Help: Athens/Institutional login

Our Electronic Journals service is Athens-compatible. This means we can authenticate users of the Eduserv Athens Access Management System. Athens is used primarily by institutions in the United Kingdom for controlling access to web based subscription services. Further information about Athens is available at

To sign in using your Athens username, please click the "Athens/Instutional login" link which can be found at the top-right of every Electronic Journals page, then follow the "Athens login" link. Users can login with their Athens username and password to get access to their institution's subscriptions on- and off-site. Their institution must be Athens registered and the institution's Athens account must be enabled for access to IOP's Electronic Journals. To see if your institution is registered for Athens and/or to contact your Athens Administrator, see

Athens usernames and passwords cannot be used for options such as e-mail alerting and document delivery. To take advantage of these options, users need to login with their IOP Electronic Journals username and password, or if they are new to our Electronic Journals service, create an account (this only takes a minute).

If you have any questions, please contact our Electronic Support team at

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