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Help: Browser for the World Wide Web

On this page, you will find:

General Information

You can use this service with any WWW browser. However, to take full advantage of its advanced features, we strongly recommend using a graphics-based, forms-capable browser such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is for the following reasons:

  • Graphics: One of the important features of the service is its high quality presentation of mathematics in the abstracts. This is achieved by providing each piece of mathematics as a small graphics file. You will not be able to read the mathematics of any abstract without a graphics-based browser.
  • Forms: The service uses forms for registration and as the basis for the online search facility. You therefore need a forms-capable browser.

Which World Wide Web browser?

There are a wide variety of browsers available for navigating the World Wide Web. The following list shows those browsers that are known to be compatible with this and other IOP Publishing WWW services. (This list is not exhaustive and you may prefer to use a browser not listed here.)

How to configure your World Wide Web browser

In general terms we recommend accepting the default settings of your browser.

Because mathematics in abstracts is provided as small graphics files you may find that the default proportional font of some browsers rather small in comparison. If this is the case, check your browser's proportional font settings and alter them accordingly. We recommend Arial or Helvetica 11pt for best on-screen presentation.

Due to the large variety of browsers in use, IOP Publishing cannot offer detailed technical support on how to configure your browser. If you are having problems with your browser software, refer to its documentation or contact your system administrator.

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