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Help: Output Formats

You can save or view abstracts to your local computer using the "Download abstract" option on each abstract page. Select your preferred output format from the drop down menu and press the "Download" button. Please note that your computer will either "View" or "Save" depending on how your browser is set up. The following output formats are available:

Comma separated values (CSV) files allow you to collect data from any table and transfer that data to other table-oriented applications. e.g., Microsoft Excel. To save the CSV file select "File" and then "Save as" within your browser.
Hypertext Markup Language is used throughout the World Wide Web and is normally viewed automatically. To save the abstract in HTML select "File" and "Save as" within your browser.
Plain Text
Plain Text is supported by every application and machine and has no formatting. To save the file select "File" then "Save as" within your browser.

Notes on usage with bibliographic software

The following notes are designed to help you to load the information you download from our Electronic Journals service into bibliographic software packages.


Add the downloaded "bib" file to your BibTeX database. BibTeX can then extract a "bbl" file for articles cited in a LaTeX document containing a "\bibliography" command. When LaTeX is then rerun twice the "bbl" file is used to generate the reference list. Note: abstracts containing maths and special characters may need some editing.

EndNote (PBS/DOS/Windows)

To import the abstract to EndNote "Open" the library into which you want to import the references. Select "import" from the file menu and then "choose file" to locate and open the file you want to import. Select the file and click "OK" then select the appropriate import option from the import option list. For further information, please refer to your EndNote documentation.

ProCite ®

To import information into ProCite® "Open" or "Create" a ProCite Database into which you want to import the records. Then select "import records" from the menu and then "Comma Delimited". Press "OK" and then enter the path to the file you downloaded. On pressing "OK" the reference should be automatically imported.

Reference Manager ®

To import information into Reference Manager® "Open" or "Create" a Reference Manager Database into which you want to import the records. Then select "Capture" from the "Reference" menu. Choose "RIS FORMAT" then enter the name of the file you downloaded. Next click on "Capture" to import the record.

EndNote, ProCite® and Reference Manager® are registered trademarks of ISI ResearchSoft.

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