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Help: HyperCite®

HyperCite® linking technology enables you to to link to abstracts, preprints, or full text of articles listed on our Reference pages.

We have established links to the online content of a number of major publishers and learned societies, in addition to a range of abstracts and preprints services. Currently available links include:


  • IOP Electronic Journals (including our archive back to 1874)
  • American Physical Society
  • The American Institute of Physics Online Journal Publishing Service
  • EDP Sciences
  • Institute of Pure and Applied Physics (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics)
  • SIAM - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • Springer-Verlag's LINK service
  • members of the CrossRef initiative
  • journals hosted on the Ingenta service

Note that access to the full text of articles is dependent on subscription status.

Preprints servers

  • e-print archive
  • SPIRES high energy physics database

Abstracts services

  • The Inspec® database of scientific and technical journal abstracts
  • Compendex® - Elsevier Engineering Information Inc.
  • ChemPort
  • MathSciNet Reviews
  • PubMed

Document delivery services

  • Infotrieve (fee payable)

New reference links will be added as appropriate.

HyperCite® technology also enables you to identify papers that have cited the article you are looking at since it was first published (further information on 'Articles citing this article' is available).

We recommend that you access using the Login mode where you will have the additional functionality of personalization options including the Filing Cabinet. This feature allows you to keep an online record of any articles that you have marked of interest. Any Filing Cabinet article that was found through a HyperCite® link will display the bibliographic details of the original article.

Open URL links

If you are at an organization that has activated SFX or a similar OpenURL link resolver at the IOP Electronic Journals service, links will appear on our Abstract, References and 'Articles citing this article' pages.

The OpenURL standard is being widely adopted by libraries to permit context-sensitive linking and resolve the "appropriate copy" problem. IOP supports OpenURL and is pleased to work with consortia and academic sites, as well as organizations such as Ex Libris and Serials Solutions, in the implementation of various OpenURL initiatives.

To activate SFX or a similar OpenURL link resolver at the IOP Electronic Journals service, please contact

Legal Notice

IOP Publishing Limited endeavours to provide HyperCite® links from references where technically possible. However, the extent to which such links can be provided is limited by the coverage and extent of the Inspec database and other participating sources, together with the accuracy of the references themselves. IOP Publishing Limited cannot guarantee that any particular link will work and although it will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that links using HyperCite® work, it cannot be held responsible for any failure of a link or any incorrect linking.

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