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Help: Introduction and overview

For those unfamiliar with our Electronic Journals service, this section provides an overview of its key features and functiionality. More detailed information is available via the help index

What do our Electronic Journals offer?

  • HyperCiteTM linking technology, enabling you to to link to the abstracts or full text of articles listed on our Reference pages.
  • Tables of contents, abstracts and print-quality full text, including mathematics and figures.
  • Journals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via your Web browser.
  • The full text of articles is available weeks or months ahead of the print version.
  • No usernames or passwords are required to access Electronic Journals.
  • Full text is provided in PDF and PostScript formats.
  • The service provides simple, no-nonsense navigation with context-sensitive help.
  • You can search or browse current issues and receive advance information on forthcoming articles.
  • More colour figures are available than in the print edition.
  • Multimedia enhancements are offered where available.
  • A Login mode is available, giving you personalization options such as a virtual Filing Cabinet, Personal Journals List, E-mail Alerting, and Personal Default Searches.

How do I access the Electronic Journals service?

All you need to connect to the service is a Web browser and an Internet connection. The service is available from our home page at Selecting the Electronic Journals link takes you to the Electronic Journals home page. All visitors to our Web site have free access to the tables of contents and abstracts of each journal plus the full text of 'featured articles'. Users at registered sites also have access to full text for the journals to which their institution subscribes.

There are two modes of our Electronic Journals service:

  • Standard mode provides instant access to the tables of contents, abstracts and full text of the journals to which your institution subscribes. No username or password is required.
  • Login mode offers the same basic features as Standard mode, plus powerful personalization options. To access the Login mode you need to create your own username and password by selecting the create account link found at the top right of all pages.

How do I download the full text of articles?

You can access the full text of articles in journals to which your institution subscribes. You download an article simply by clicking on the appropriate icon. The article files are available in PDF or compressed PostScript format. To be able to view a PDF file, Adobe Acrobat Reader software must be installed on your computer. Help on Adobe Acrobat is available.

PostScript articles are stored in compressed gzip files. Details on uncompressing and downloading the files can be found in Online Help. Once you have uncompressed the PostScript files, they can be viewed on-screen with GhostView software, or sent to a PostScript printer.

What does Login mode offer me?

With Login mode, a variety of personalization options enable you to customize the service for your particular needs. Once you have created a username and password, you will have access to the following features:

E-Mail Alerting

This option enables you to create a personalized alerting service that automatically informs you when your articles of interest become available. The table(s) of contents or a list of articles of interest (including the abstracts if you wish) will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of a new issue becoming available online.

Personal Default Searches

Selecting Personal Default Search enables you to specify the default terms to use whenever you execute a search. You can change your default search at any time, or temporarily disable it to perform a broader search.

Filing Cabinet

You can use your Filing Cabinet to store articles of special interest to you. You can add articles to your Filing Cabinet on the abstract pages. You can also add personal notes to the articles in your Filing Cabinet, which can be updated at any time. Your chosen articles and annotations will remain in your Personal Filing Cabinet until you choose to update or delete them.

Personal Journals List

Selecting the Personal Journals List link enables you to create your own customized menu on our Journals List Page so that only the journal titles of interest to you are displayed.

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