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Help: Account Administration

The Account Administration page allows you to change your username (if required) and merge multiple accounts.

Merge accounts

You may have several accounts registered, with different personalization settings (e-mail alert profiles, etc.). More importantly, some of your accounts may give you access to specific journals (IOP Members, IPEM Members, Individual subscriptions, board members and guest accounts). This section of the form is split into two optional sections:

  • Any other accounts registered with the same e-mail address as yours will be listed with a choice of action listed next to each one. If you choose the default 'Merge' action, any subscription details will be transferred to your chosen account, along with any alert profiles and filing cabinet entries. The "old" (merged) account will then be deleted. If you choose the 'Delete' action, the other account will be deleted, i.e. not merged (only Enhanced and PEL accounts may be deleted, since all other account types hold subscription information). If you choose the 'Leave as is' action, no change will be made to that account.
  • You will also be given the option to Merge or Delete any other accounts you have which we have not detected/listed, e.g. accounts registered under different e-mail addresses. Although the form only has space for three other accounts, you may come back to this page as many times as necessary to merge your other accounts.

Unregistered IPEM members

If you are an IPEM member and have not yet registered for your IPEM journal subscriptions, you will be given the option to do so by entering your IPEM membership number.

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