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Help: Navigation

Whilst you are in the Electronic Journals service, links are displayed at the top and the bottom of every page. These are the Navigation links which you can use to quickly and easily move around the service.

The list below describes the function of each link when it is active. When a link is not available (depending on your current position within the service), it will appear in a different colour and you will not be able to click upon it.

EJs Home
Selecting this link will return you to the Electronic Journals home page.
EJs Extra
This link goes to the EJs Extra section of Electronic Journals, where services such as This Month's Papers, IOP Select and BEC Matters! are located. All articles within these product slices appear within their home journals, but also appear here, grouped by time (This Month's Papers), quality (IOP Select) and subject (BEC Matters!).
Journal home
Selecting this link will take you to the homepage of the most recently select journal
Selecting this link enables you to search across all the journals using a selection of filters and or keywords
This link will take you to information and services for Authors
This link will take you to information and services for Referees
This page will take you to information and services for Librarians. This includes a list of the current journals to which your site subscribes, and any journals already paid for the next subscription period. You can also select from a range of features including:
  • Pricing and ordering
  • How to link to IOP Journals
  • Add your logo
  • Registered IP addresses
  • Librarian help.
User options
The Following personalization options are available:
  • Personal Journals List
  • E-mail Alerting Service
  • Saved Searches and Personal Default Searches
  • Configurable PostScript downloads
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Change user details
  • Account adminstration
This links to our Electronic Journals help pages, which provide context-sensitive help and information on all aspects of the service.

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