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Help: Adobe Acrobat PDF files

The full text for all of our journals is available in PDF format. The Portable Document format can be read by using the Acrobat PDF reader.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDFs is FREE. It's readily available and easy to install and use.

On this page, you can find out more:

What is Acrobat?

The Acrobat system is designed to bring electronic documents to a wide range of users. It has been developed by Adobe Corporation - who also created the PostScript software used in many laser printers. Acrobat's cross-platform documents are known as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The free Acrobat Reader software enables Windows, DOS, Macintosh and UNIX users to view, navigate through, and print any PDF document. Articles in Acrobat format can be viewed or printed to give a page almost identical to that found in a print journal.

More information on Acrobat is available at Adobe's World Wide Web server.

How to get Acrobat Reader FREE

Adobe distribute the Acrobat Reader FREE. You can download Acrobat Reader for Windows, DOS, Macintosh and a range of UNIX platforms from Adobe's server. Comprehensive installation information is provided on Adobe's server.

Alternatively you can also download Acrobat Reader version 3 from this site: Macintosh (5.1MB), Windows 3.1 (3.9MB), Windows 95, 98, NT 3.51 and 4.0 (4.0MB). For other platforms go to the Adobe Acrobat Reader home page.

How to display Acrobat files automatically

You can configure most World Wide Web browsers to automatically display any Acrobat document downloaded. Refer to the documentation for your World Wide Web browser for information on associating the Acrobat Reader ('Acrobat Reader' for Macintosh, 'acroread.exe' for Windows) as a 'Viewer' or 'Helper Application'. (You should associate the Acrobat Reader with the MIME type: 'application' and the extension: '.pdf').

Due to the large variety of browsers in use, IOP Publishing cannot offer technical support on how to configure your browser.

How to use the Acrobat Reader with Electronic Journals articles

All articles in Electronic Journals are available in Acrobat format. You will find an Acrobat icon in the Options section underneath each abstract. Click on the Acrobat icon to download the full article in Acrobat PDF Format on to your computer.

Comprehensive information on how to use your Acrobat Reader is provided by the Acrobat online help system, but you may find the following hints useful:

  • All Electronic Journals articles in Acrobat format are provided with 'thumbnails' included. Select 'Thumbnails and Page' from the 'View' menu (or click the 'View thumbnails' link) to display the thumbnail views of each page as an aid to navigation within the document.
  • We recommend selecting 'Fit Visible' from the 'View' menu to provide the best page display.
  • Adobe Acrobat articles published in 1996 onwards generally have file sizes between 65KB and 200KB. Acrobat articles published between 1874-1995 generally have file sizes between 150KB and 500KB, due to the scanned bitmap image format used. Files of this size can take a few minutes to download, especially if you are on a slow or busy network.
  • Before viewing Acrobat files published between 1874-1995, please ensure that Smooth Text and Monochrome Images in the General Preferences dialogue box of your Acrobat Reader (File Menu, Preferences, General) is checked. This will provide the best on-screen page display for these articles.
  • When printing Acrobat files from A4 size journals published between 1874-1995 on US Letter paper, we recommend checking Shrink to Fit in the Print dialogue box, to ensure the article will fit on the paper size currently loaded on your printer.
  • Electronic Journals provides a Search facility that enables you to search the title, author and abstract text of journal articles across a journal, (Search). However, in addition, you may find it useful to search within a single Acrobat file once it is downloaded to your computer. To do this, select Find from the Tools menu or click on the link with the pair of binoculars. Please note that you cannot search within the Acrobat articles published between 1874-1995 due to their scanned bitmap image format.

Acrobat Accessibility

The Access Adobe Web site lists the latest Acrobat features that assist in making the Acrobat PDF format more accessible. These features are available in Acrobat from version 5.0 onwards. This version of Acrobat is also available from the Access Adobe Web site.

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