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Help: References

The References page displays a list of the articles cited by the article you are looking at. HyperCite® linking technology enables you to link to the abstracts, preprints or full text of these cited articles.

Where links are available to IOP's full text articles or to other publishers' electronic journals services (links shown in bold text), access is first provided to the article abstract. You are then able to link to the full text of the article subject to your subscription status.

Where possible, links to the Infotrieve document delivery service are also in place next to cited articles. Infotrieve offers a range of electronic and paper delivery options (see

The References page is complemented by the 'Articles Citing this Article' page. This displays a list of articles that cite the article you are looking at.

Please note that you are only able to access References and Articles Citing this Article pages for articles available to you on subscription, free content, or articles purchased via our online document delivery service.

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