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Help: RSS - what is it and how do I use it?

RSS is a new technology which allows you to be alerted when new content is updated on a website. Content is fed to your desktop, containing headline information and links back to our Electronic Journals service for the full details.

To subscribe to RSS feeds, you will need to use a "News Reader". News Readers are available either online or may be downloaded as applications on your computer. Some browsers now also contain features that allow you to read RSS feeds. In all cases, you just need to copy the RSS links listed above into your News Reader; you can then choose how to be alerted when updates are made to the feeds. In some News Readers, you can simply drag and drop in the orange RSS buttons.

There is a wide variety of News Readers available:

The applications listed here are examples only and their inclusion here in no way constitutes a recommendation. You download and use these applications at your own risk and IOP Electronic Journals accepts no liability for any damage incurred.

Electronic Journals RSS Web Feeds

Feeds of the latest papers are available for all current journal titles. These can be found on each journal home page or at - this also lists RSS feeds from other IOP services such as and nanotechweb.

A news feed about IOP journals is also available:
RSS IOP Electronic Journals news

We're delighted for you to use our journal feeds as long as you always credit IOP Electronic Journals as the source, do not modify the text and do not post the full-text of any of the items on your website or anywhere else where it will be publicly accessible.

Whenever you include IOP Electronic Journals content on your website or anywhere else where it will be publicly accessible, please provide the appropriate credit. You can do this as text by crediting IOP Electronic Journals or by using a small logo we reference in our RSS feeds.

We reserve all rights in the IOP Electronic Journals logo and your right to use the logo is limited to providing credit in connection to IOP Electronic Journals RSS feeds. We also reserve the right to require you to cease distribution of IOP Electronic Journals content at any time for any reason.

We're very interested to learn how you use our RSS feeds and we welcome any feedback or comments via e-mail to

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