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Help: Search results: Export/E-mail

Once you have performed a search of Electronic Journals content, you may wish to store some or all of your search results in some way. Export functions have been provided so that you can store and manipulate search results that appear in your search results listing. Exporting is a four-step process detailed below.

  1. Select the records you wish to export
  2. Choose a file format
  3. Choose how much detail for each record you wish to export
  4. Choose where the records to export the records to

1. Select the records you wish to export

From the drop-down box, you can choose to export the current page, or the first 25, 50, 100 or 200 search results. Alternatively, if you prefer to choose individual records to export, check the boxes to the left of them and choose 'Selected records' from the drop-down box.

2. Choose a file format

This option dictates what file format is used when exporting the chosen records. There are 12 file formats to choose from:

  1. Biblioscape (BTF)
  2. BibTeX
  3. Comma-separated values (CSV)
  4. EndNote v2.* (PBS DOS/Windows)
  5. EndNote v2.* (PBS Macintosh)
  6. EndNote v3.* (Procite)
  7. EndNote v5
  8. HTML
  9. Plain text
  10. Papyrus v.7.* (RIS 6 Format)
  11. ProCite®
  12. Reference Manager® (RIS)

Further information about output formats is available.

3. Choose how much detail for each record you wish to export

This option enables you to limit how much of each record is exported. Choose 'Summary' if you want the title, author and citation information exported. Choose 'Abstract' to export the title, author, affiliation and abstract for each record.

4. Choose where the records should be exported to

This option enables you to choose where the records are exported to. The options are:

  1. Filing cabinet: this option only appears when you are logged in, and enables you to export the records to your online filing cabinet
  2. Disk: this option enables you to export the records to your disk. Depending on how your browser is set up, you will either be prompted to save the file, or the results will be displayed to the screen.
  3. Browser: this option will export the results to your screen, where the results can be saved or cut and pasted into any other application.
  4. E-mail: this option allows you to e-mail the chosen records to the e-mail address(es) of your choice. You don't need to be logged in to use this facility, but if you are logged in, the default e-mail will be your own. If you wish to e-mail the records to a colleague or friend, just change the displayed e-mail address. To enter more than one e-mail address, separate the addresses with commas.

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