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Help: Search History

Search history enables you to access and save previous EJ searches.

There are two types of searches listed on the search history page:

Searches based on this session

Every time you perform a search, a record of that search is added to the search history listing. All searches initially appear in this listing, and can be subsequently saved and used to create e-mail alert profiles. Once you leave EJs, however, these session-based searches are lost forever. To keep the search for future sessions, you must save the search to your account.

A maximum of the 10 most recent session-based searches will be displayed.

Functions available for session-based searches:
You will need to login or create an account to take advantage of the Save and Remove features.

  • Save. If you wish to save a search to your account, enter a name for the search into the text entry box on the left corresponding to the search you want to save. Click the 'Update' button to perform the save; the search will then move down into the 'Saved searches' section, and will be titled with your chosen name. More than one search row can be saved in a single operation; enter names for these searches, and then click the 'Update' button.
  • Remove. Check the 'Remove' box for each search you want to remove from the search history table, and click the 'Update' button. The searches will then be permanently removed from the session list.
  • Searching again. Clicking on the search terms will repopulate the search form, ready for you to run a new search.

Saved searches

These searches are associated with your account, and will be displayed when you are logged in.

Functions available for Saved searches:

  • Delete. To remove a search from your account permanently, check the corresponding 'Delete' box and click the 'Update' button.
  • Edit. Any search can be edited once it has been saved. To edit a search, click the corresponding 'edit' link, and make any changes to the search form. To save these changes click the 'Save this search' button.
  • Searching again. Clicking on the search terms will repopulate the search form, ready for you to run a new search.
  • Create e-mail alert. An e-mail alert can be created using the same terms that you used to run a search. To create an e-mail alert, check the corresponding 'Create e-mail alert' box, and click the 'Update' button. An e-mail alert will then be created with a default frequency of one week. The name of the alert will match that of the saved search; however, they are separate entities, and the e-mail alert can be further edited or renamed on the e-mail alert configuration page.
  • Set as default search. Check the corresponding radio button in the 'Default' column of the search history table, and click the 'Update' button to make any search the default search. Your default search will always appear when you navigate to the search page (you must be logged in). To remove a default search, select the 'Remove default' button and click on 'Update'.

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