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Help: Content Finder

The Content Finder is a flexible tool which can be used to find articles or groups of articles in a number of quick and easy ways. More sophisticated ways of locating articles are available using the Search page accessible from the main navigation bar.

Notes on usage

  • It is not necessary to fill in all fields. If only the journal name is populated the Journal Home page is returned.
  • The Content Finder only finds articles within the selected journal, to locate articles spread across a number of journals use Search
  • Wild card characters can only be used within the AUTHOR field.

JOURNAL field (drop down list)

  • Only one journal can be selected at a time; the default is the journal you are browsing.
  • Where a journal's name has changed slightly during it's lifetime, the search will cover all versions of the name that have a single volume number sequence.
  • To change to a different Journal Home page select the required journal from the list and click FIND.

AUTHOR field

  • Enter just an author surname in the AUTHOR field for best results.
  • Author names can be entered in the form First name(s) Surname or Initials Surname but this will only give results precisely matching your search terms.
  • If you are not sure of the spelling of a name, use the wildcard characters * and ?. * is used for one or more unknown character(s) and ? for a single unknown character.
  • Wild cards can be useful to search for authors with accented letters in their names.
  • The AUTHOR field can (but need not) be used in conjunction with other fields.
  • The PAGE field is ignored if an author name is entered.

VOL/YEAR field

  • This field can be used to enter a volume number (up to 3 digits) or a year (4 digits).
  • To signify a year all four digits must be entered, if less than 4 are entered the number will be assumed to be a volume number.
  • If only a volume number or year is entered, the result is a list of all issues within that volume or year.
  • IOP journals have a single volume per year.


  • If a volume or year and issue number is entered, the result is a table of contents for that issue.
  • This field must be used with a volume number or year.
  • Two digit numbers representing a month (i.e. 01 for January to 12 for December) should be entered for JCAP, JHEP and JSTAT, which have their issues labelled as months.
  • This field is not relevant to the electronic-only journals New Journal of Physics and Journal of Turbulence and is ignored for these titles.


  • Enter the start page number of the article with a volume number or year to go directly to an article.
  • The PAGE field must always be used with a volume number or year.
  • The PAGE field is ignored if an author name is entered.
  • The electronic-only journals New Journal of Physics and Journal of Turbulence use sequential articles numbers thoughout their yearly volumes rather page numbers.

Using the Content Finder: examples

Journal: Nanotechnology
Vol/Year: 1999
This returns a list of all Nanotechnology issues published in 1999

Journal: Inverse Problems
Author: Boumenir
This returns a list of all articles publshed in Inverse Problems whose authors include the name Boumenir

Journal: Nonlinearity
Vol/Year: 10
Issue: 4
This returns a table of contents for issue 4 of volume 10 of Nonlinearity

Journal: Physics Education
Vol/Year: 2000
Page/Article number: 1
This returns the article by Ken Dobson published on page 1 of the 2000 volume of Physics Education

Journal: New Journal of Physics
Vol/Year: 3
Page/Article number: 6
This returns the 6th article (Heesemann et al) published in New Journal of Physics in 2001 (volume 3)

Journal: Physics in Medicine and Biology
Author: Ahnesj?
This returns both Ahnesjö and Ahnesjo as authors in Physics in Medicine and Biology

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