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Help: Software Repository

The Classical Quantum Gravity (CQG) Published Software Repository has been built to allow users to upload data and/or software that may be useful to others, and/or provide additional information to what has already been published in a journal. This data is then freely available to all. Initially this service is available from the CQG journal home page.

The repository is designed to allow users to upload uncompiled code programs and fragments, along with data-sets and visualizations if required, to a moderated list that all users can view. Once the user has submitted their files and descriptions, a moderator checks the content and makes the publishing decision to allow the files to be uploaded to the list. IOP reserves the right to publish the content they see fit as adding value to the published journal material. Once published, these files will be securely stored by IOP Publishing Ltd. and made freely available to the scientific community.

How to upload files

Files can be uploaded as individual files or as compressed archives of files. Along with the files, a readme.txt file must be uploaded which lists the names of all the files that are being uploaded and their purpose.

When uploading your files, it is important to add the correct description to your work, so other users can search and locate your files easily. When uploading, you will be asked to complete a form describing the work that the files accompany. You will be asked to input the following details: (* indicates a field that must be completed).

  • Title of repository item * - This should describe the files and associated work.
  • Brief summary (limit of 200 characters): * - An additional field that appears next to the title in the Table of contents listing of files records.
  • Abstract * - This should describe (as much as possible) the meaning and use of the uploaded files, so other users can gain as much from them as possible.
  • Number of files to upload (Please note that this number must include a README.txt file) * - So if there are three files to upload, the readme.txt file should be the fourth.
  • Your full name *
  • E-mail address *
  • Institution
  • Link to papers in IOP articles (use the article's STACKSTM URL) - Use the STACKSTM protocol to link to Electronic Journal articles.
  • Link to previous repository item (STACKSTM URL) - This enables the software to link back to a previous incarnation of a software item. This should be in the STACKSTM protocol syntax.
  • Link to non IOP Web site - this enables the files to be linked to an external Web site that may have other related information.

STACKSTM is our linking protocol, which enables you to link to an IOP article that may be relevant to the files you are loading.

Linking to uploaded files, using STACKSTM

Once moderated and released, your set of files will be linkable via the STACKSTM protocol in this format:


  • is the STACKS base URL.
  • /cqg is the name of the journal, in this case Classical Quantum Gravity.
  • /03 is the year the files were published.
  • 15 is the unique number associated with the record.

Virus checking and safety of files

All uploaded files are virus checked before they are released, so all files available in the Software repository should be free from viruses. IOP Publishing does not accept any responsibility for any of the files within the software repository. You may download, open, compile and run the software and other files at your own risk. If you experience any problems, please contact the author of the files.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, IOP Publishing accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage and/or adverse effects on your computer caused by your downloading and using these files. IOP Publishing Ltd. accepts no responsibility for consequential loss.

Searching for files

The main Electronic Journals search interface should be used to search for files within the software repository.

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